Glen More

Glenn Morshower

Barbara De Angelis

Barbara DeAngelis

Craig Duswalt

Craig Duswalt

Tom Antion

Tom Antion

The Birth of a Speakers Tour

The C.A.R.E Speakers Tour was born in Los Angeles California on March 21st, 2010 during an electrifying panel discussion on stage at the RockStar System for Success put on by Craig Duswalt, former manager for the bands “Air Supply” and “Guns & Roses”. The Ultimate Entrepreneur Tom Antion had earlier that day rocked the crowd (as he always does) with his Internet based entrepreneur session. Prolific Author Barbara DeAngelis touched everyone’s hearts with her Transformation session and Television and Film Star Glenn Morshower took people on a massively unique rollercoaster ride with his session called “The Extra Mile.”

Of course, Craig WOWed the crowd throughout the weekend with his brilliant RockStar Success techniques.

C.A.R.E Tour speakers Yukking it up on stage. Hey! Where's Glenn?

No one knew what was going to happen during the panel discussion where audience members were able to ask the panel members anything they wanted. Who could have guessed these speakers from 4 totally different backgrounds would have unbelievably clicked like they did…..You could compare it to the Blue Collar Comedy tour except the mood swung from hysterical laughter, to normal success information to tearfully quiet moments. It was truly a beautiful connection between hundreds of audience members and a few speakers who really cared about each and every audience member. The C.A.R.E Speakers Tour was born.

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