Tom Antion

Tom Antion

Tom Antion

Your brain scan will look like this when Tom’s done speaking to you :)

Tom Antion has never had a job. He is the ultimate entrepreneur. Starting with nothing he owned five apartment buildings and a hotel before he graduated from college. Now Tom specializes in “Virtual Real Estate” AKA moneymaking websites.

He is an internationally acclaimed expert in Internet Marketing for small business. Tom has been featured on major news media worldwide
including the Canadian Broadcast Network, The Australian Broadcast Network, Associated Press, The Tokyo Today Show and hundreds of radio,
television and print outlets across the United States.

Tom has a very simple “Three Prong Attack” on Internet marketing, which is extremely simple and easy to understand. Tom is no “techie” . All he cares about is where to click to make money and he teaches his students the exact techniques he uses to pull in $75,000.00 to $220,000.00 in a month from his home office. These consistent high profit / low overhead Internet sales have made Tom an Internet Multi Millionaire in a very short period of time.

Since Tom consistently makes large sums of money while sitting in front of his computer this gave him the idea for his infamous “Butt Camp” Seminars where you learn to make more money sitting on your “rear” than going out and working for a living.

Tom has students in his mentor program who are e-millionaires and many are making 5, 10, 15 or $20,000.00 US per month. Tom has the largest Internet magazine in his industry with over 130,000 subscribers in 80 countries.

Tom likes to do things that no one has done before:

He is the author of the only video seminar of its kind The Wake ’em Up Video Professional Speaking System. This training course is
considered the standard for training professional, or aspiring professional speakers in the art of speaking and the science of marketing professional speaking and training services.

He is also the owner of the only facility of its kind in the world, “The Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center” where you live
and work with Tom for 4 days learning the fine points of pulling in big bucks on the Internet.

He is the founder of the only licensed Independent Internet Marketing school in the country opening this fall.